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Scenic Route is a puzzle game of constructing train tracks. Use the limited space you have to its maximum to construct the longest track you can.

Create a basic track, then incrementally improve your route to maximise your score.

Channel your inner perfectionist and aim for the gold medal on every level!

How to play

Try to build the longest route you can between each coloured pair of stations! Each tile of track is worth one point, but tiles next to a landmark are worth two points. Your overall score is the lowest individual route score, so you need to try to average out your route lengths. Getting any medal on a level will unlock the next.


Left click: Place track

Right click: Remove track

Escape: Pause

Operating Systems

A Windows executable is provided.
Additionally, the game works on Linux, and was in fact developed entirely on Ubuntu. If you have Steam and Proton, then the Windows executable works perfectly. If you'd rather run it fully natively: there isn't really an easy way to distribute apps written in the Ruby programming languages on Linux, so source code is provided on GitHub. If you're comfortable with the command line, building it it is a breeze.


There are a handful of launch options to change common settings:

Option (replace the areas in <>)
--fullscreen=<true/false>Controls whether the game launches fullscreen (true) or windowed (false).
Fullscreen (true)
The resolution width.
--height=<pixels>The resolution height.
--volume=<ratio>The volume of game sounds, between 0 and 1. 0 mutes all audio, while 1 is 100% volume.
50% (0.5)


Executable 6 MB
Source code (Ruby, should be cross-platform)

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